1. Focus on accuracy rather than speed.

Primary focus should be to type correctly without mistakes. Typing incorrectly and fixing them later takes up more time. Being able to type correctly provides the confidence necessary to automatically go faster.

2. Touch Type.

What is touch typing? It is the habit/ability to type without looking at the key board.

3. Stay relaxed while typing

For more details, see the Safety page

4. Maintain proper posture while typing

For more details, see the Safety page

5. Make it easier for you.

Computer keyboards take after traditional type writing machines. While Type Writing machines are mostly mechanical and require a bit of force/pressure for the key to be printed on the paper, computer keyboards are electronical and require a lighter touch for the key to be responsive. Always pay attention while typing to make sure that you are hitting keys right in the center of the key with the least amount of pressure needed to get the key working.

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